Pacific Engineering Projects Ltd

Company Name: Pacific Engineering Projects Ltd

Industry: Export / Building/Construction/Heavy Engineering

Main Contact: Chandar Sen

Contact Phone: +64 (9) 638 6400/ +64 (21) 467 736

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About Us: Pacific Engineering Projects Ltd

PEP is a design and build engineering & construction company working across the Pacific in the following sectors: Water & Wastewater, Power Generation & Distribution, Food & Tuna Processing, Mining & Mineral Processing, Petrochemical & Chemical and Oil & Gas. The work is delivered from a complete turnkey or design and build approach to construct only. PEP works with a number of fabricators in New Zealand and overseas to deliver products for the clients in the industries PEP works in. To complement the above capability PEP has a MoU with a major ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified Thai fabricator who also operates a yard close to the port – this makes possible the manufacture and shipping of large modules. PEP will provide tradespersons and appropriate supervision for construction work. The primary focus is on the mechanical and electrical disciplines. PEP can supply tradespeople from New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Asia.                                                                               

  Design & Build Industrial Engineering Projects in the Water & Wastewater, Power Generation & Distribution, Food & Tuna Processing, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Sectors


"Entrust it to us — We will deliver"